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Financial Buyer

What Will a Financial Buyer Pay?

What is a financial buyer and what logic drives their approach to price and structure? A financial buyer is one who is buying strictly for a financial return.  Financial buyers include individual investors, who have either saved up or cashed out, and institutional funds such as Venture Capital Funds, for early stage high growth opportunities,…

Examples of Acquirers Paying a Premium

5 Examples of Acquirers Paying a Premium

Five Examples of acquirers paying a premium.  What are buyers looking for in acquisition targets?  The objective of an acquisition is to create value.  This is accomplished by improving profitability and/or reducing risk; both enhance earnings quality and drive value.  More specifically, acquisition objectives can include achieving economies of scale or economies of scope, vertical…

buyer for my business

Is There More Than One Buyer For My Business?

When niche businesses receive unsolicited interest from key customers or suppliers, this can leave the owners wondering,.. is there another logical buyer for my business?  Should you consider hiring an agent at that point and engage in a process that could take many months to complete or take the bird in the hand? Fiduciary duty…