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Business Sale Process

Business Sale Process

The business sale process has a number of distinct stages and typically takes 6 to 10 months to complete.

The Business Sale Process

Finding the Right Buyer

Finding the Right Buyer

There are strategic and financial options. The right buyer is the one that benefits the most from the purchase.

Finding the Right Buyer

Terminology and Documentation

Terminology and Documentation

Before proceeding down the M&A path, here you can familiarize yourself with the terminology and typical documentation used in the process.

Terminology and Documentation

How long does it take to sell a company

How Long Does it Take to Sell a Business?

How long does it take to sell a business?  Milestones in a sale process are outlined in the following chart. Milestone          Timeframe Preparation of the marketing materials (by the advisor in concert with the seller) and due diligence materials (by the seller). The documentation including a teaser, CIM and buyer list,…

Best Buyer for Business

How to Select the Best Possible Buyer for your Business

How do you select the best possible buyer for your business? Simply put, companies with an ability to pay and an interest in paying a premium.   Assessing the ability to pay for private companies is not as straightforward as it is for public companies, which have to disclose their financial information to their shareholders (by way of EDGAR in the…

Constellation Software Inc., The Descartes Systems Group Inc., Enghouse Systems Limited, and Open Text Corporation

Four Companies That Know How to Acquire

There have been numerous studies on the difficulties of successfully completing acquisitions.  Some studies suggest that the majority of all acquisitions fail.  We won’t debate what is a success or failure, and over what time frame it should be measured here but what we will do is review four leading Canadian software companies and examine their…

Strategic Buyer

What Will a Strategic Buyer Pay?

  What will a strategic buyer pay?  Ideally a premium, but what defines a premium? By definition, it is higher than the average price.  But if the market will ultimately determine the price, where do you start? Start With the Notional Value A notional value determination is one in absence of an open market transaction,…

Examples of Acquirers Paying a Premium

5 Examples of Acquirers Paying a Premium

Five Examples of acquirers paying a premium.  What are buyers looking for in acquisition targets?  The objective of an acquisition is to create value.  This is accomplished by improving profitability and/or reducing risk; both enhance earnings quality and drive value.  More specifically, acquisition objectives can include achieving economies of scale or economies of scope, vertical…