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5 Things you Should Know About your M&A Advisor

In the process of choosing an M&A advisor to manage the sale of your business, you will undoubtedly have a discussion about valuation and price expectations.  During such discussions, some advisors will lead you to believe they will secure a higher price than others. How much should you weigh such differences in your decision to…

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Business Broker Tactics Revealed

Business brokers will say various things to convince sellers they are the best possible agent for you to sell your business.  Examples include: buyers are currently paying high prices in your sector, or I have the prefect buyer for your business How do you separate fact from fiction and secondly, how important are buyer relationships? …

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Business Broker / M&A Advisor – What Exactly Do They Do?

What is the difference between a business broker and an M&A Advisor?  The main difference is in the size of the transactions they work on.  Business brokers deal with smaller businesses, retailers, restaurants, franchisees while the term M&A Advisor is generally reserved for investment banking firms that work on more complex and larger transactions.  So what…